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Favorite Emoji Costumes for Adults & Kids + BONUS 660 Popular Emotic

Simple emoticon emoji have been around for a long time and each character adds emotion or feeling to a message. They are used everywhere; from text messages to hashtags and now have their own movie! Pick your favorite or Collect them all!

Laugh Till You Cry is laughing so hard that it is crying tears of joy. Shows laughter and is often used as a response when someone sends you a funny joke.

Blowing a Kiss with a Heart is used to show romance or affection. Closed eyes and a red heart shown leaving the kissing mouth.

Heart Eyes Smile has a smiling face with hearts instead of eyes. Used as an expression of love, adoration, or gratitude for a person, place, or thing. For example: "I love you" or "I love this".

Crazy Funny Face has a stuck-out tongue and winking. It is used to show humor, be wacky, silly, zany, or otherwise joking.

Pile of Poo is shaped like brown soft-serve with a friendly smile. But, we know it isn't ice cream! It is almost always used humorously and expresses how you feel about something. Also a way to express passive aggression and annoyance.

Devilish Smile has a smiling impish face with frowning eyebrows. Shows a cheeky mischievous character and is the equivalent of an evil laugh "muahahaha". Shows a diabolical thought or an idea that is devilishly funny. It shows when you're up to no good, and you want everyone to know it!

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Favorite Emoji Costumes for Adults & Kids + BONUS 660 Popular Emoticon Stickers Features

  1. PERFECT for Birthday Presents, Halloween, Christmas, Emoji parties, Pretend Dress-up, Room Decoration, and more!
  2. CHILD SIZE - for kids 48" to 60" tall - Child Costume is 22" high by 30" wide. 13.5" across the chest between the arm holes. ADULT SIZE - for people 5' to 6' tall - Adult Costume is 29" tall by 36" wide and 16" across the chest.
  3. OUR EMOJI COSTUMES are made of 100% polyester material with a foam liner to give them shape. The neck has a sewn-on fabric covering and ties in the back. They are Soft and Comfortable to wear for expressing your favorite emoji fashion!
  4. ARE YOU READY to have Fun dressing up as your Favorite Emoji with our character face tunic poncho style Costumes? Pick your favorite or Collect them all! ~ LAUGH TILL YOU CRY ~ BLOWING A KISS ~ HEART EYES SMILE ~ CRAZY FUNNY FACE ~ PILE OF POO ~ DEVELISH SMILE ~ BONUS: 660 Most Popular Emoji Stickers included with each costume! - PACKAGE CONTAINS THE EMOJI TUNIC PONCHO COSTUME ONLY. THE LEGGINGS AND SHIRT SHOWN ON THE MODEL ARE NOT INCLUDED.

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